Center of Knowledge

Since 2007, the Multiethnic Village acts as a school for human formation. Based on the ancestral knowledge of the indigenous people and having the opportunity to have master craftsmen, pajés, healers, preachers, indigenous specialists and non-indigenous technicians with deep relations with the communities where they work as teachers, the objective of this project is to develop abilities through what is known as Ethno-Science. The idea is that from the coexistence with these traditional knowledge teachers the participants have access to educational processes specific to the indigenous communities and remaining quilombolas of Brazil.
To acquire knowledge about these people's technologies o through listening, contact and contact: this is the methodology used at the Center of Knowledge of Traditions of the Multiethnic Village, whose main goal is to contribute to safeguarding, valuing, protecting and sharing the benefits associated with the traditional knowledge of the holding communities. The Center of Knowledge of Traditions is an extension of the Multiethnic Village and a creation of the Casa de Cultura Cavaleiro de Jorge and the Center for Universal Studies.
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