The MultiethnicVillage’s space


The Multiethnic Village has five traditional indigenous houses (Kayapó / Mebengôkré, Alto Xingu, Krahô, Guarani Mbya and Fulni-ô) and one of the Kalunga Historical Sites, all of which were built in an open, circular format like a large village.  It is gradually transformed by the participating peoples, who transfer to them the main aspects of their occupations and territorial organization and architecture. Plantations and fruit trees were planted in the yards of each house in order to demonstrate the ways of cultivation and traditional foods of the represented people.

Chapéu de Palha
Straw hat (Chapéu de Palha)

Space for discussions, conferences, debates and expositions. It will hold the center of traditional knowledges of the Multiethnic Village.

Área de conservação ambiental - Chapada dos Veadeiros - Vista da Aldeia Multiétnica

Environmental conservation area

Indígenas no Rio dos Couros
River Couros and the Almécegas I and II waterfalls

The trails for the Couros River and the waterfalls Almécegas I and II respect the area of environmental conservation in which they are inserted and are very well signposted. Each of the three is about 2 km away.

See the map of the trails

Noite estrelada na Chapada dos Veadeiros.
Sunset and starry nights

One-of-a-kind spectacle courtesy of the Chapada dos Veadeiros, which takes on greater proportions once the bonfires are lit.

Casa tradicional xinguana.
Traditional buildings/structures

The Multiethnic Village is composed of traditional Xinguana houses, a Guarani Mbyahousa, a Fulni-ô, a Kayapó / Mebengôkré, a Krahô and a traditional Kalunga house. These houses receive indigenous and non-indigenous visitors, and serve as a hosting site for conversations and presentations on the cultural fragments which make up each ethnic group.

Terreiro da Aldeia em foto aérea
Circular shape

It is in the central grounds of the Multiethnic Village where the ritual dances and indigenous songs take place. It is surrounded by the traditional constructions Kayapó / Mebengôkré, Krahô, Guarani Mbya, Fulni-ô, Xinguana and Kalunga.

Área de camping na Aldeia Multiétnica

Camping area.

Cine Aldeia - cinema indígena
Village Cinema

An outdoor screen for projections.

The space has:
  • A kitchen and eating area
  • Parking and gated entrance
  • Hostel with 10 triple bedrooms
  • Bathrooms with solar heating